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Vermont’s St. Albans Public Safety Facility

Architect: Arnold & Scangas Architects

General Contractor: Professional Construction Inc.

Thermal Envelope Specialist: Murphy’s CELL-TECH



Murphy’s CELL-TECH is responsible for Thermal Insulation, Air-Barrier Integrity, & Sound Attenuation.  This is the fourth facility being built, and the third facility that Murphy’s CELL-TECH is responsible for. 

The performance Guarantees and Warrantees include:  1. Murphy’s CELL-TECH Warrantee, No Problematic Roof Icing,  2. Murphy’s CELL-TECH Guarantee, Air-Barrier Performance,  3. Nu.Wool Life Time Guarantee, Removal and Replacement of any structural damage related to properly installed NuWool Insulation,  4. Murphy’s CELL-TECH preliminary Design Load for Heating:  159 kBtu  for 10,500 sq. ft. facility.