1st Place Commercial Winner at Better Building by Design – 2010
LEED Gold Award Winner

Architect: William Maclay Architects & Planners
General Contractor: DEW Construction Corp.
Energy Efficiency Consultant: Andy Shapiro
Thermal Envelope Specialist: Murphy’s CELL-TECH – John B. Unger Murphy

 The Putney School Field House is a Zero Energy Building. It’s heating and cooling needs are met through on site air-to-water heat pumps. Furthermore, it’s exceptional thermal envelope performance means much less heating and cooling is required to begin with. This was done so efficiently that the building beat it’s designed air leakage rating by 38%, and is the tightest building Andy Shapiro has ever seen. The building also boasts it’s own photovoltaic solar array, which produces more electricity than the building itself uses.
     “From the offset of the project Maclay Architects brought together an integrated design team which included the school faculty, board members, students, community ,members, LEED associated professionals, project architects, energy design consultant, civil engineers and construction managers to evaluate and determine the energy and environmental goals for the project.” – Maclay Architects Website

Putney School Field House project - Murphy's CELL-TECH, St Johnsbury, VT